OEM Warranty Insurance

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Product Warranty Insurance

OEM Product Warranty Insurance is an effective way for an OEM to offer a Limited Warranty underwritten by an insurance company.

These programs work well with products where the OEM wants to offer a limited warranty significantly longer than their traditional length. However, the OEM does not wish to retain the liability for the extended term.

This is an excellent way for an OEM (or remarketer) to enhance the value of their product to the end purchaser. The OEM has many options for structuring the customer service, claims administration and the risk transfer scenerios.

Common products for OEM Product Warranty Insurance include consumer electronics & appliances, computers, Internet of Things (IoT) & smart devices, select commercial products, and automotive products.

Common solutions are available for monthly or single-payment multi-year programs for up to 10 years. The OEM must retain a short initial retention period, and then all future warranty obligations may be transferred to the third party. Parts only, parts & labor, and parts & labor and administration solutions are available.

For additional details on potential structures, including the use of Contractual Liability Insurance to support a Product's Limited Warranty.

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